Yoga is a great exercise with countless health benefits. For many people yoga is a part of their lifestyle and there are many reasons to practice it in daily life. The main reasons to practice yoga is that it helps people with their peace of mind, it helps them to relax and along with that it also keeps them active throughout the day. However, there are times when people feel and think it is not easy to practice and continue their yoga regime on vacations.

We agree that it is definitely not an easy job to have the similar routine when you are off on vacations, however when “there’s a will there’s a way.” Thus we have gathered some amazing places along with some amazing tips which will keep you in line with your yoga routine.

First and foremost it is highly essential that you opt to travel to a place where your yoga practice won’t be hindered. Along that there are also some amazing beach locations which will go smooth and will give you the ideal yoga practice.

Let’s see what some of these amazing places are;
1. Nepal
Not only Nepal holds the title for being a beautiful country in this world but here you will have some wonderful experience with the locals which will help you make your yoga regime feasible even on holidays. Here you can choose and go out for trekking, walk around or simply enjoy nature and practice yoga in the middle of the mountains. Along this, there are hotels which have yoga for their customers, especially, Hotel Trekkers Inn (Pokhara) and Hotel Friend’s Home are highly recommended in this case.

2. India
Everyone is aware of the fact that India is the country from where yoga was originally initiated. Thus, when you will tour around India you will feel and dwell on the fact that everyone speaks highly of yoga and there is a great sense of spirituality that you will be able to experience. These practices will also help you to keep up with your yoga routine. Other than that you can stay in hotels like Krishna Resort (Kerala), Prison Hostel (Goa) and Varsha Enclave where they have great facilities and services in which they offer for yoga.

3. Thailand
In usual perception it is famous that Thailand is a party place and is also famous for its beaches and islands but we have awesome news for those who practice yoga that they can opt to travel to Thailand as it is a great treat for all the yoga lovers. Thailand has great spots for yoga and it has climate which is ideal. The cool surroundings along with mountains or beaches all around you can do yoga and feel absolutely refreshed. The ideal hotels and resorts which you should plan on staying are Eurana Boutique Hotel (Chiang Mai), Pura Vida (Pai) and Koh Tao Toscana (Koh Tao), as they have a lot of facilities which will help you with your yoga.

4. Indonesia
Indonesia is heaven for all the yoga lovers, and if you are planning to go to Indonesia you have nothing to worry about your yoga regime. The surroundings are very fresh and will keep you up for your exercise. Another attraction is the Bali Spirit festival; this festival fascinates and attracts all the yoga lovers from all corners of the world. Another attraction in Indonesia is that it has many world class yoga studios as the local community also emphasis on yoga. In Indonesia you’ll feel great if you’re staying at Amel’s Homestay (Ubud), Sahadewa Resort & Spa (Ubud), and Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga (Canggu).

5. Costa Rica
Another great place for nature lovers is Costa Rica. Here you will be able to find famous yoga destinations which are; Puerto Viejo, Domincal, and Santa Teresa. Along this, there are two festivals in Costa Rica which are especially meant for yoga doers, named as Envision Music and Yoga festival. It will be ideal if you stay at Cashew Hill (Puerto Viejo), Blue Osa (Osa Peninsula), Casa Zen (Santa Teresa) or Hotel Domilocos (Dominical) so you can have great time with your yoga routine.

Best Beaches for Yoga
In addition to some amazing countries you can also enjoy your holidays and yoga at some of the most luxurious beaches, which will refresh you and make your holidays ideal.
Some of these beaches include even a yoga retreat in Mexico:
1. Four Seasons Resort Lana’i at Manele Bay, Lanai Hawaii
2. Viceroy Hotels and Resorts, Riviera Maya and Zihuatanejo, Mexico
3. St. Regis Princeville Resort, Kauai, Hawaii
4. The Resort at Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
5. El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico
6. The Island House, Nassau, Bahamas
7. Half Moon, a RockResort, Montego Bay, Jamaica
These beaches are great and have a great atmosphere for yoga. Here you can attend special yoga classes as you soak in the sun. You can end up relaxing your mind and body and learn some unique yoga tips and tricks.

Apart from careful select of destinations, there are some tips that you must follow in order to do yoga even on vacations are as;
1. Take it Easy
You can always choose to do minimal yoga on vacations; there is no need to opt for the hardcore yoga regime. All you need to do is sit in the sun, take deep breaths, close your eyes and feel good within yourself. You have to take little steps in order to start yoga instead of waiting for the right time and opportunity to do yoga. Step up and enjoy each moment and keep motivating yourself, else you won’t be able to perform any yoga.

2. Learn to Balance
Holidays mean a lot of travelling some days and keeping it light on other days. Well you must learn to keep your yoga in a good balance. It is not essential that you do all the hardcore sequences every day. Instead some days just go for a walk along the beach, or sit in the sun. Balance is the real essence of yoga which you should maintain.

3. Do Yoga According to Your Body Requirements
When you practice yoga, you should know what your body requires. If you know it then you must select and practice yoga accordingly. This must be your constant practice that you keep asking your body what it requires and then take decision what yoga you need to carry that day.

4. Make Yoga Fun and Creative
It is impossible to take all your yoga mats and bolsters when going for vacations. In such times you must think of new and creative ways to perform yoga. Well what you can simply do is to go and lay on sand or even on the grass in spite of using a yoga mat. If you are feeling too lazy to go out than you can make your suite as your yoga place. This will all depend on how much creative you are.

5. Take Help When You Need it
What you must keep in mind is that yoga teaches patience and focus. To perform yoga you must be a professional instead you can always start with the little steps. Similarly, when on vacations take help from the surroundings, and think about all the options which you can easily work on. You must not shy away if you need help for your yoga routine.


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