Weight Loss Medication

Of late, there is a sudden surge in the demand for several weight loss medication preparations.

This huge spurt in the request for weight loss drugs is entirely due to people’s ambition to reduce their obesity and overweight.

Health conscious people keep looking for a good weight loss drug to reach their goal of looking smarter and leaner. There are many varieties and classes of weight loss medications that can help you achieve your goal. Here is a brief list of such medications:

Note: A particular weight loss medication that is commercially available in the nearby drug store, is approved by Food and Drug Administration is an appetite suppressor.

A typical appetite suppressor works by way of decreasing your appetite or by making you feel full in your abdomen. Chemical constituents that are contained in these medications are known to increase the flow of some types of chemicals in your brain. Classical examples of this class of weight loss medication are Phentermine and Sibutramine. Caution: Amphetamines are also a type of weight loss drug, but they are not recommended for use in reducing your weight, because of their potential to make you over-dependant on the drug.

Another class of weight loss medication belongs to Lipase inhibitors that work in a different way. This drug is known to reduce your body’s ability to digest and absorb fat to almost one third of its capacity. The fat enzyme called lipase is extensively blocked by this inhibitor. This blockage will ensure that extra fat is not absorbed in to your body.

Certain drugs that are used to treat depression also act as weight loss drugs. Patients who are on this drug may loose their weight, for as long as the treatment duration. However, this weight loss medication is classified as off-label drug that is not approved for the purpose of reducing the weight. In a similar way, drugs that are used to control seizures are also used as a weight loss medication. Topiramate and Zonisamide, have been shown to cause weight loss up to a certain degree.

Diabetic drugs are also known to work as a weight loss drug, though it is still not clear, the exact mechanism through which it works on the human body.

People respond variedly to the effect of weight-loss drugs, and some people may experience better weight loss compared to others.

Weight-loss medications may lead to an average weight loss of 10 and 20 lbs in excess than, what you loose by using those non-drug type of weight reduction methods.

Recent research shows that weight loss that is obtained with weight loss drugs, may in fact, improve blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides (fats), and insulin immunity.

We, however look at Physician Weight Loss Products with a careful eye.

However, we may need to wait for some more time before trying one of these medications to loose weight.

However, before using a weight loss drug, you must ensure that you’re not suffering or undergoing any of the following conditions or symptoms:

* Pregnant or breast-feeding

* Alcohol or drug abuse

* Anorexic

* Depression

* Usage of MAO inhibitor use

* Diabetes

* Heart disease or any other cardio-vascular disease

* High BP

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