Super Tips for Healthy Skin

Want to have healthy and well-groomed skin? Check out our tips and take care!

The care with the health of our body, can never ignore the care with the skin. Healthy skin not only improves your body functions but also greatly helps your own self esteem. Today we will show you some tips that may seem basic, but they will help a lot. Follow us.

Tips for the health of your skin

All care is important, however simple it may seem.

Let’s get the tips:

– The sunscreen with SPF minimum of 30 is a mandatory item in the daily care routine and must be present in all seasons of the year. Choose the cosmetic product according to your skin type, this causes the result to be felt faster and your skin receives hydration and nutrition in the right measure.After sun exposure, it is essential to moisturize the face and body. Moisturizing creams like the famous instantly ageless or even the cream BB can help a lot in this.

– Avoid consuming cigarettes and tobacco products. Smoking makes your skin look older, lack luster and contributes to the early appearance of wrinkles. Smoking causes the tiny blood vessels of your skin to be reduced, which causes a decrease in blood flow and consequently deprives the skin of important oxygen and nutrients such as vitamin A.

– Hydrate yourself a lot during the day. Doctors currently recommend that at least 2 liters of water should be consumed per day. Drinking plenty of water helps to moisturize not only the body but the skin itself, besides giving a dietary boost;

-The ideal would be to do a skin cleansing with a professional once or twice a month. Skin cleansers are great for removing deeper and harder to remove blackheads and pimples as well as applying masks with soothing properties. If you can, do a monthly cleaning with a professional or make yourself some homemade masks.

– A balanced and varied diet (colored), composed of fruits, vegetables, vegetables and grains also reflects a lot in the health and beauty of the skin. Reduce fats, fried foods, sugars and red meat.


– Carnations and pimples should never be squeezed, healing should occur naturally, if there is any apparent pus point, at the time of the bath with the heat of the steam to carry a slight friction on the place helps that the pus is removed. The hands are constantly susceptible to bacteria so remember: tinkering with blackheads and pimples can cause sores and even blemishes on the skin.



Well it’s girls, I hope you liked those super tips.I say again, a well-cuddly skin improves even your self-esteem! Take care!

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