Pilates vs. Yoga: Which is better?

As many of us are probably already aware, the increase in popularity of meditation and holistic fitness has certainly been evident in the last few years. With many of us taking a new approach to working out, Yoga and Pilates are becoming familiar names in the fitness industry.

Commonly assumed as the same thing, Pilates and Yoga are both great for helping to improve posture and strength, however they each possess their own benefits.

So before heading to your local fitness centre and taking up a class, you may want to consider which may be more beneficial for you….


Yoga is widely renowned for helping to improve your flexibility, posture and balance. A recent study found that even just 12 minutes of yoga a day could help to improve your bone quality. It has been widely recognised that Yoga can help improve the symptoms of depression and improve your mood.

Helping to reduce stress levels and symptoms of anxiety/depression, incorporating yoga into your weekly workout routine can have multiple wellbeing benefits. Yoga can also help to improve the flexibility of your body and gradually increase the flexibility of your joints.

For those seeking a complete indulgence of relaxation and mediation, why not opt for a luxurious yoga retreat? Perfect for beginners and yoga enthusiasts, yoga retreats can allow you to unwind and take a step away from everyday challenges. Encouraging a complete detox from digital devices, yoga retreats are a perfect getaway with friends, partners or even as a solo trip.


For those looking  to engage muscles and build strength, then Pilates may be more for you. Using resistance, positions and apparatus, Pilates can even help to strengthen your core, which can be beneficial to those suffering with lower-back pain. Pilates can also increase the strength and tone of your body and help with your posture.

Even for those opting for an exercise than can help to relieve stress and tension, heading to a Pilates class could significantly help. Training your body to think and connect in a different way, Pilates can even help the body from becoming less likely to be injured.

So if you are still undecided, Yoga and Pilates have a whole array of benefits, therefore any class you go to will be beneficial to your mind, body and soul. Both have plenty of therapeutic benefits attached, however for those wanting to improve their strength and muscle tone, it might be suggested to take up Pilates instead of Yoga.

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