Natural Remedies for Baby Colic

Having a baby with colic is a challenging experience. However, few parents want to give their precious little babies harsh chemicals to help relieve symptoms. The good news is that there are organic, alternative solutions available that can help ease a baby’s colic symptoms without using potentially harmful chemicals.

natural colic remedy

Pediatric Chiropractor

Babies can benefit from chiropractic services, just like adults. However, it is important to find a chiropractor that has experience with children, especially babies. Getting adjustments after birth can have far reaching benefits far beyond helping to soothe colic symptoms including reducing the prevalence of ear infections and encouraging lymph drainage.


The infant digestive tract is sterile at birth. While this means that there are no pathogenic bacteria present, there are also no beneficial bacteria present. Getting a balance in a baby’s digestive tract takes a good deal of time, meaning that there is a significant period after birth where bacterial overgrowth can cause discomfort. However, giving your baby probiotics can help populate beneficial bacteria in the gut and stop the overgrowth of bacteria, which is causing the colic symptoms.

Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding is supposed to be the most natural thing ever for both mom and baby. However, it is anything but. Having sessions with a lactation consultant can ensure that your baby is getting the most out of each feeding, which is infinitely more satisfying for both mom and baby.

Baby Carrier

Many babies cry incessantly because they don’t feel secure outside of the womb. Having your baby in contact with you in a properly fitting baby carrier can resolve those issues and make for a happier baby.

Elevate baby mattress

In some cases, your baby may be struggling with reflux. Try raising one end of the mattress with rolled towels under the mattress. This change in angle will often help baby sleep more soundly and get more rest, leading to a less cranky baby.


Some babies find the gentle rocking motion of the swing to be calming. Find one that offers you the ability to remove the synthetic pad and insert an organic one to ensure that he or she isn’t exposed to unnecessary EMF radiation.

White Noise Machine

White noise is of comfort to many people, not just colicky babies. You can choose to purchase a white noise machine or download a white noise app on your phone. If you use your phone, just make sure to use airplane mode to eliminate EMF exposure.

Homemade colic tea –

Adding colic tea to a breastfeeding mother’s daily diet can help soothe colicky babies. Fennel tea has the ability to pass its calming characteristics from mom to baby via breastmilk.

Tummy sleeping –

While many pediatricians advise against tummy sleeping for young babies, in many cases, sleeping on the tummy can help alleviate colicky symptoms in many babies. It is definitely not recommended for preemies and otherwise sick or weak babies. But, for those that are otherwise healthy, tummy sleeping can bring relief.

There are ways to relieve colic symptoms without using harsh chemicals. Visit Organic Housewife today and discover a better natural colic remedy.

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