How To Be Mysterious to Intrigue a Man

A dose of mystery in a woman magnets men. Knowing that, one needs to answer how to be mysterious to a guy? It really does not take rocket science to do so. It’s more of little gestures and some attitude to make sure you intrigue a man.

Here are some tips on how to be mysterious to a guy:

Smile, smile, smile

When talking to people, smile more often. It only takes a few muscles and no energy at all but a smile makes things a lot better. A smile makes one attractive and appear approachable. When a man sees you smiling a lot, no one can help but be turned on with your jolly personality. One will be eager to find out more about you.

Make eye contact

It’s difficult to stand out in a sea of people. If you want to be seen in the middle of a crowd, make an eye contact. If you find a man interesting enough and you want him to notice you, make an eye contact. A glance is a very effective way of telling him that you’re interested.

Eye contact is a very subtle gesture that does not give away a lot about you but does a lot to tickle someone’s interest.

An eye contact might be the one a guy needs to approach a woman. So you know what to do if you want a guy to come over to wherever you are.

Do not overshare

In this age of social media, women who wants to remain mysterious to guys, need not share a lot of personal stuff online.

How to be mysterious to a guy? Let him know that you’re not like other girls who endlessly talk about themselves.

Only share something personal when asked. It will be best to discuss other things and keep your date intrigued about who you are.

Be a good listener

You don’t have to be head over heals when a man tells you his stories, but make sure you listen. Pay attention to certain details and you’ll find later on that you can use such information to appear mysterious. Remember that small detail about his family or work and he will be bewildered by your attentiveness.

You can also ask the guy some questions. Do not go too personal and make it appear that his answers are a bit dull.

Be passionate about something

How to be mysterious to a guy does not always mean not sharing with him things about you. Tell him about things that you are passionate about. Do you love pets? Are you fighting for human rights? Do you do outreach work to help the poorest of the poor?

Such things will impress guys and will definitely make you appear so much interesting. Men like women who stand for something and are not afraid to go out there and achieve something for the world.

Be Unavailable

Yes, you want to spend time with a man but if you want to keep things really interesting, there are times that you need to be unavailable for him. Do your daily routine, complete tasks you need to complete, and make yourself really busy. This will remind that guy that your world does not only revolve around him and that you want to achieve your goals in life.

Mystery makes a woman sexy. Do you need tips on how to be mysterious to a guy? Learn from the experts who know what works.

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