Home remodeling might take time and resources if implemented abruptly. It applies to your kitchen and kitchen cabinets as well. If you think that your kitchen looks old and retro looking, you can always revamp your kitchen to enjoy a fresh and new look. There many options to choose from, you could either replace your kitchen cabinets or choose cabinet refacing instead. In regards to resources, refacing is cheaper, but it all boils down to your decision. A complete overhaul would require a lot of considerations and it involves different steps and process.


Many homeowners today prefer refacing because it saves more money rather than completely replacing the existing cabinets in your kitchen. If you want to reface, consider these pointers:

You can reface by refinishing or painting your existing cabinet along with the drawer fronts.

You can install a new wood or have the kitchen cabinets laminated with veneer.

Buy new cabinet doors and drawer fronts and install it on your kitchen cabinets.

As you reface, you need to complete it with new hardware so that it looks better and more brand new. For one, you have to change the pulls and the knobs because it contributes a lot in terms of beauty and design. You also need to consider that cabinet refacing requires freshening up the interiors as well and it could be done by sanding painting or using veneered style. The refacing process is a mini-makeover but with lesser costs. Moreover, refacing does not take time because the process does not require the removal of your other things in the kitchen such as appliances and you can still use the kitchen while the revamped is being done.

Here are some of the benefits of cabinet refacing:

Reduced cost

No demolition is needed

Less time to implement

However, as you consider the different options, you also need to ponder on some factors before deciding to opt for cabinet refacing or replacement. For instance, durability. If you look at the structure of the cabinets, do they look old and is the overall condition really bad? Otherwise, your decision will cost you more than what you anticipated. To prevent unforeseen repercussions, you can ask help from the experts so that they can give you some feedback on the right move to make.

Besides strength and durability, check if the functionality is still up. If you think the kitchen layout does not pose any problems for you and the style and design still meets your standard, refacing your cabinets might be the ideal choice. On second thought, if you want more space or a new design and layout, replacing the kitchen cabinet is the best deal.

Also, consider the appearance and the cost. The appearance of your kitchen usually affects your thinking and if you want to beautify your kitchen, you can add new countertops to enhance its style, but it must be within your budget. Remember, funds are important when you are remodeling your kitchen. The variety of new cabinetry is wide and with many selections to choose from, you might be swayed, which is why it is important to have a budget before making a decision.

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