A summer holiday is a time for you to relax and unwind, to lay down the burdens of work and routine and enjoy the pleasures of sun and recreation. The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful and exciting holiday destinations. It is well-known for its beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and lively night life. It is a place that will allow you the kind of indulgence and luxuriating that you are after. It is also a place in which you can step a little outside of your comfort zone and do something bold and new.

Surfing is often seen as a sport for beach people. Many of the television shows and films that have come out over the past couple of decades portray it as something done only by the hard-bodied and beautiful. But this is far from the truth. Surfing is not owned by those who live near the beach. With a little training and guidance you can learn how to do it and enjoy it.

Signing up for a surf camp can only improve your Dominican vacation. If you have no experience surfing, it is a good idea to start out under the eye of a trained and experienced professional. The Dominican Republic has some of the best surfing in the region. You should try to get the most out of your trip to the country by learning the moves that will help you do it well.

One of the best complements to surfing is yoga. Yoga & Surf–it’s a wonderful combination. Every practicing surfer knows that stretching and physical preparation is necessary before going out into the water. Trying to surf without doing so will not only lead to soreness but can actually cause you to cramp up while you’re in the act—a very dangerous thing.

Doing yoga before and after you surf is a great way to get fit and healthy while you are on vacation. Sunshine, warmth, and clean air are in themselves salubrious. Lying out in the sun and going out at night with your partner will slowly drain away the effects of living a stressful life. You can still do more. Starting the day with surf and yoga is a great way to return home a healthier person than you left.

If you have never done yoga before, you should know that it incorporates a great deal more than meditation. Although this is an important part of it, as it helps you learn how to control your breathing, the exercises consist of movements that will prepare your limbs and muscles for the physical rigors of surfing. And you should be under no illusion: surfing is physically demanding. Paddling to catch the wave is hard on your arms, shoulders, back, and abdominal muscles. Even if you are in relatively good shape you will need to stretch well before getting on your board.

An experienced and friendly on-site trainer will help take you through your surf and yoga adventure. Sign up for surf camp and make vacation memories that will last a life time.

Yoga & Surf is a healthy and invigoratint combination that most surfers have known about for years. Now you can reap the benefits from it.


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