The golden rule that every athlete should follow is that if you feel that there is something wrong with your feet, you should not postpone the inevitable visit to the podiatrist. Do not treat feet pain as something that will pass on its own, since that way you might cause even more harm. Make sure you visit the best sports podiatry Bondi Junction and resolve your issue.

The symptoms

If you feel pain beneath your kneecaps, and it gets even worse right after you finish an activity, you might be suffering from runner’s knee. Especially if your kneecaps get sore after going up and down the stairs, as it swells and usually becomes aggravated about an hour after running.

There are many orthotics that can help you resolve this issue

What’s happening?

Runner’s knee syndrome, also known as patellofemoral knee pain, is one of the most common types of knee pain that can be seen in many sports medicine practices. Your patella can be found inside the patellar tendon and its job is to connect the quadriceps muscle group, which is the most powerful one in our body.

The pain can come from more than just one cause; for example, it can be the result of the cartilage under the patella, or the poor biking or running mechanics that result from weak or tight muscles. Your pelvis is ideally supposed to remain at a steady level as you run, however, if your muscles are not coordinated, your pelvis will wobble while you walk and run.

How is it fixed?

– Rehab can help you a lot with such pain, as it will fix your knee caps.

– Strengthen your knees, hips, and quads. If you have weak or inflexible quads they are usually the cause of knee pain, but if you gain more strength and flexibility in these areas you will be able to relieve yourself from pain and you might even be able to improve your form.

– Try working on your body mechanics, since poor running form can result in this condition as well. Record yourself while you run and watch the video to see if you are doing something wrong without even realizing it.

Visit your podiatrist as soon as you realize that there is a problem with your feet or knees

– Orthotics can help you a lot. Many people tend to be skeptical about this, but orthotics can actually help you a lot in this area. Today, you even have the custom-made orthotics that are perfectly made for your feet or knees, as they concentrate on fixing the problem.

Should I call a doctor?

If you are skeptical about calling the doctor, wait a day or two. When the pain is still there after 48h, there is definitely a problem. Do not let it sit around too much call your podiatrist and seek help until it gets worse.

It is always better to prevent an injury than to try and heal it. Sometimes, if an injury that is minor goes untreated for too long, it might result in something even worse. This is why it is important to seek help as soon as you realize that there is something wrong.

Final word

If you are looking for the best runner’s knee treatment for yourself, you should simply visit your sports podiatrist for help. He/she will be able to tell you the best treatment for your case, just make sure you go on time and find your own podiatrist; for example, you can always call Podiatrist Kingsford if you are in Sydney.


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