If you want to know your lineage or prove (or disprove) your paternity, you need to undergo DNA testing. There’s nothing new about it – in fact, it’s becoming increasingly common. What you should focus on is choosing the best Locations of DNA test clinics.

Why should this matter to you? DNA results can change lives. It can reveal parents and identity of the dead bodies (or even the blood). You can use the data in court and for other legal purposes. You cannot afford a weak or faulty result simply because you didn’t do your due negligence in choosing your DNA laboratory.

How to Choose DNA Test Clinics

Even if you’re taking a DNA sample at home, it is still essential you are dealing with the best laboratory or company. To help you decide if you’ve already found the right locations of DNA test clinics, here are some tips:

1. Accreditation

It’s not enough the laboratory has a license and employs specialists. They need to be accredited. Although there are several accreditation bodies in the helpful site country and around the world, one of the important ones is ISO certification. Having this means the laboratory follows industry-standard processes. The state may also provide other requirements, so ask your local health agency for more information.

2. Accuracy

There are two ways to define accuracy in DNA testing. One, it means the results are conclusive or cannot be doubted – they are facts. Second, the level of accuracy of the findings is 99.99 percent.

A number of experts already revealed different labs can provide different results, and some of these may be incomplete, false negative (or false positive), or completely inaccurate. Find labs, therefore, that can test as many STRs in the chromosomes. Look for those that can test at least 15.

3. Handling

A person’s skin cells are already sufficient to contaminate a DNA sample, which means it can no longer be tested. For this reason, the best labs invest not only in the right equipment but also the complete tools to make sure the DNA sample remains pure as possible. They also create strict standards and processes. Learn the process of handling your sample, especially if you need to send it to the lab.

Be wary of middle persons. They are usually clinics that don’t have the proper accreditation placed in their offices or on their website. They are not only costly, but they are also less likely to follow industry standards. You should also be careful too of companies that work with subcontractors. Make sure only your chosen clinic handles your sample and other personal information.

4. Convenience

These days, you don’t have to go to the labs or clinics to undergo DNA testing. You can simply send a sample and place it in the container and envelope that go with the kit. That’s how convenience is. But it also means speed. Look for companies that can provide you the results within a week.

Sometimes you may be pressed for time to search for locations of DNA test clinics. That’s why the above tips are handy. They should help you filter suspicious labs on the list.

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