Getting big is a dream to many. The feeling of not only looking strong but being powerful can be an intoxicating to many. Plus, you think the clothes look better on you this way. There are only two things you need to achieve a body like that – diet and exercise. It may sound simple, but it isn’t easy. It takes dedication and consistency. It’s not the type of thing you can rush into but as months pass by, only then will you see results. Maybe along the road, you decide to take supplements. Everyone at the gym takes it. Heck, even your trainer is pushing you to buy some. But, before you take the plunge, there are things you need to be careful of.

Doctor’s Orders

Did you know some supplements are banned by law? Who knew bodybuilding could be a criminal act, right? Well, it can be if you’re using the wrong type of supplements. Testosterone and human growth hormone can only be taken with if prescribed and medicated by a doctor usually through injection. So, if your trainer is saying he can give you a quick shot of steroids then its best you back away. Doctors also administer this type of drug only when the patient desperately needs it. So, if you go to your doctor and ask for one so you can bigger and impress the ladies, most likely he’ll ask you to leave his office.

The Legal Pursuit

The upside is that there are legal supplements with testosterone that you can take on your own. They’re sold by accredited suppliers and are perfectly fine to take without a doctor’s prescription. These supplements never usually come as an injectable but come in a powder form you mix with water. Instead of high-grade steroids and testosterone only used by patients who need them, these are protein shakes that add bulk to your muscle. What’s even better is that you won’t experience the same serious side-effects as you will with pure steroids being injected into your body. Maybe some acne breakouts here and there but nothing life-threatening.

The Hulk from Hell

Taking steroids on your own could spell dire consequences. Cases of paranoia, increased aggression, heart attacks, and strokes have been known to happen. Reasons like these are enough to deter you from taking them. They’re also the reason for the ban. It’s very dangerous to take them on your own so it’s best to not entertain the thought of doing so. Otherwise, you might turn into a rage monster with bigger muscle and a bigger chance of getting a heart attack.

No Risk worth Taking 

No matter your decision on whether to take supplements or not, it’s always best to consult a doctor or nutritionist first. A person with such expertise can point you to the best direction to take on how you can achieve your goal. The objective isn’t to take the supplements but to be the best version of you. Being the best version of you means doing it the right way without taking shortcuts that are not only illegal but dangerous.


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