The Shepherd’s Diet has continued to attract much attention for its effectiveness with some factions wondering why they used the name “Shepherd” in the first place. The unique name that has been given to the diet plan is not a coincidence to the name shepherds used in the Bible. Apparently, it is a special dieting formula whose principles are derived from the Bible. But is the Shepherds Diet a biblical breakthrough?

A Closer Look At The Shepherd’s Diet

Because of its connection to the Bible, some people are likely to think that the diet formula is meant only for Christians. But this is not the case. The Shepherd’s formula applies to all people regardless of their religion because it just centers on the diet without promoting any doctrinal aspects. It is the diet plan that provides some easy principles on how to lead a healthy lifestyle without having to undertake some radical measures such as starving or turning to boring food combination.

The program borrows ideas from both Old and New Testament of the Bible. The author has arranged the ideas garnered in a systematic way that enables the readers go here to understand quickly. Primarily, the plan touches on various types of foods and eating style that were eaten by different people in the Bible such as Moses and Jesus. The Bible is not the sole source of all the concepts in the diet plan; the author also used other research materials about dieting.

Biblical Breakthrough Or Hype?

Although most of its insights are extracted from the Bible, the Shepherds diet is not a biblical breakthrough that will bring miraculous and instant results. You will have to be very committed to reaping the results that come with the diet plant.

The best thing about the plan is that it is easy to use and does not come with some radical measures that can be discouraging. In fact, the author goes against the idea that losing weight should involve starvation and restriction from eating some kinds of food.


Apart from being easy to download the plan in an eBook format, Shepherd’s diet plan comes with a 60-day guarantee. This means, enrolling in the programs is risk-free because you can get your money back. Shepherd’s diet comes with flexible measures with easy to follow steps.

Another unique aspect of the diet plan is that it can be used by any person regardless of their body size or religion. And, apart from losing weight, it is a diet that is also vital for maintaining a healthy body.


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