A pediatric chiropractor is a specialist who can help in correcting the posture and scoliosis in schoolchildren and dealing with consequences of too intensive growth in adolescents.

Chiropractic for children is completely mild and safe, and your child will not feel any pain. The child’s body reacts positively and quickly because it’s not a long-standing problem, as in adults. Children and their parents come to our pediatric chiropractor with a great pleasure.

If there are indications of the problem, it’s recommended for start with treatments practically from the first days of a child’s life.

There are a lot oftreatments carried out in our clinic.

Birth injuries

Such pathologies are often encountered in problematic births, including breech presentation of the fetus, umbilical cord entanglement, etc.

  • When passing through the birth canal, the child often suffers from the upper cervical spine.
  • Common birth plexitis (brachial plexitis),
  • In difficult births, often there is torticollis (displacement of the vertebrae in the cervical region)

The chiropractic therapy in our center will relieve all such pathologies and won’t allow them to acquire a chronic form. With timely treatment, our pediatric chiropractor will prevent many health problems that your child may have in the future.

Spine diseases

Osteochondroses, scoliosis and other pathologies of the spine are probably the most common children’s diseases. Most often, such problems appear at school age, when the child begins to increase a load of its spine, with which it can’t always able to cope.

Sports injuries

Children receive them regularly not only during sports but also in everyday life. But our pediatric chiropractor knows that the child’s organism is extremely responsive to the treatment from injuries of various kinds. This is explained by the fact that children have much more extensive compensatory possibilities and adaptive mechanisms than adults. Therefore, the results of our work with children are much better and more effective.

Muscular pathologies

The cause of myositis and other muscle diseases in children can appear due to short-term hypothermia. With such pathologies, the musculature is reflexively contracted, which leads to the appearance of inflammatory changes and pain syndrome in it. All these disorders are perfectly manageable by our chiropractic the methods, not allowing them to become chronic and complicate the child’s further life.

Vegetovascular dystonia and headaches

Often the cause of such problems lies in the diseases of the cervical spine, which cause circulatory disorders in the brain. Working on problem areas, our pediatric chiropractors bring relief to our small patients for literally several sessions.

Our chiropractors are well aware of all the characteristics of the child’s body and have a rich practical experience in the treatment of young patients. Before starting the therapy, we must be well introduced with child’s medical history, carry out manual diagnostics and, if necessary, prescribe additional checks.

The use of chiropractic therapy in children in the combination with such therapies as acupuncture, reflexology or massage, gives in our center excellent results of treatment and rehabilitation on various somatic and neurological diseases.


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