Taking a test and finding out the length of your telomeres can be stressful because you don’t want to know that you have short telomere lengths which mean that you are at risk of getting serious medical conditions or diseases. But this is a unique way of gaining some insight into your health and body. This is a big help for doctors because they can now help you by helping you plan about what you can do to avoid getting these diseases.

Now, how does telomere length measurement ensure that what you’re seeing is reliable and true? A lot of people have already tried the test kit and they trust it 100% because their doctors are also there to assist and help them out regarding the results. Plus, you’ll know that it’s true if you look at how you live and the factors that affect the length of your telomere, whether they are bad or good.

Why is it important to get tested?

It is very important in order for you to know about the diseases that you risk yourself getting because of the bad factors that have surrounded you for many years like stress and eating unhealthy food that causes inflammation which shortens the telomere length and kills cells. Through this, you can prevent these dangerous diseases by changing your lifestyle and sticking to it. 

Elaborating about what Telomeres are

These are like the plastic caps at the end of your shoelaces, which are called aglets, that prevents your chromosomes from fusing together and destroying your genes during cell replication. Each time a cell multiplies, the telomeres shorten until eventually, they die. It’s completely normal unless you do something’s that can abnormally shorten your telomere length in a short period of time. 

The premature shortening of human telomere

It can be preventable, or maybe not. Depending on the situation that you are in and how long this problem has been going on. If you feel like you are sick or if something is not right, you get yourself tested right away in order for you to be sure. But even if you haven’t got tested yet, you can start by changing your bad lifestyle to a healthy one. That can create a big impact on your body and health. 

Lifestyle Modifications people with Short Telomeres do

People should achieve ideal body weight and body composition with low body fat. In order to achieve this, reducing stress and cutting out on bad habits can be very helpful. Decreasing visceral fat is very important. Obesity has a big role as to why people that are on the heavier side have short telomeres. That is because inflammation due to unhealthy weight can destroy telomeres. 

You should have a test twice a year

You can never be so sure that you are doing everything right. So even if you have changed your lifestyle for the better and still have short telomeres, then you need to try other things to better yourself.

Telomere length tests are just one way of diagnosing your health and how far you have gone. It is a great possibility for you to gain knowledge regarding the different reasons why people suffer from short telomeres, and why some don’t.


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