Dental procedures can be, at times, very expensive. This is why dental insurance is a must for everyone who wants to avoid problems with their teeth in the future. Yet, here’s another fact: dental insurance can also be costly as well.

But here’s another factor to consider when looking at dental insurance value: do you know how much a root canal procedure costs? Typical, the procedure costs around $500 to $2000, depending on the kind of tooth that needs the treatment (procedures on molars are more expensive than procedures on front teeth, for instance).

Compare that to the cost of an annual dental plan. An annual policy usually costs $350; a bit more for more comprehensive coverage and for family plans. Obviously, having insurance can save you money if you end up having a root canal or other procedures,

That, essentially, is how you look at dental insurance value.

Dental insurance policies work more for preventative care — although they can extremely useful as well when you end up requiring extensive procedures like a root canal, tooth filing, or gum disease treatment.

This is because the more serious the problem, the more expensive the procedure. Naturally, in order to have healthy teeth, you need to properly maintain it by undergoing regular dental treatments like cleaning and sealants. Regular check ups are important as well.

Consider the cost of these usual basic procedures. Check ups cost around $250 to $300 every session (this includes exams, basic cleaning, and x-rays). Fillings range from $50 for basic silver amalgam filling to $250 for tooth-colored filling (it could cost as high as $4,000 for porcelain fillings, though that is not covered by insurance). Extractions costs from $70 (for non-surgical, gum-erupted extractions) to $200 (for extraction of wisdom tooth); this rate is per tooth. Meanwhile, impacted teeth are usually extracted at around $500 to $600 per tooth.

Typically, a good dental insurance plan should cover 100 percent of the cost of annual routine dental care; 80 percent of the usual cost of basic procedures such as filings; and around 50 percent of the expenses for major procedures such as bridges and crowns.

Now, consider the cost of a dental insurance. The cost of dental plans ranges around $350 per year.

The true dental insurance value actually lies in the fact that good dental health mans you will not be susceptible for major (and expensive) treatments and procedures. A root canal — a procedure done to repair a badly damaged tooth — can be prevented if you regularly go to check ups and undergo cleaning.

Perhaps the only drawback of a dental insurance plan is that — unlike typical medical insurance policies — it requires a waiting period. This means you need to be under your plan for a specific period of time before you can avail of basic and major dental procedures. The waiting time usually lasts around six months to one year.

But in any case, dental insurance is important. While it may not seem like it, dental health is an integral part of your whole well-being; it is your task to take care of it to prevent dental problems — and exorbitant costs to fix them.
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