Just like people from many other walks of life, athletes have secretly been using marijuana for years. With the rise in legal marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, and innovative new ways to enjoy cannabis like the marijuana vaporizer, athletes are now coming out into the open to sing the praises of weed when used as a natural performance enhancer.

Although there are many reported benefits of using a weed vaporizer for athletes, there are some potential downsides to using a vaporizer for weed or smoking cannabis. 

The Good

Many athletes today are using a vaporizer device or smoking marijuana to do more than just get high. Athletes report that a vape for weed helps to reduce inflammation, easing pain and soreness caused by training. Runners frequently state that vaporizing weed before a marathon or training session allows them to run for longer with less fatigue. There is also some evidence to suggest that marijuana may temporarily increase speed.

Beyond the physical benefits, an athlete who chooses to vape weed may get a mental edge during competition. There is a big psychological component to athletic performance, as even the most skilled players can choke due to stress and anxiety. Some athletes report that a portable weed vaporizer or vaporizer pen helps them to relax and allows them to better focus in the moment. 

The Bad

For all its potential benefits, marijuana could have some downsides for athletes. The drug increases heart rate, and smoking weed has been shown to pose serious risks for respiratory irritation and a possibility of lung disease. Marijuana can also slow an athlete’s reflexes, making him or her less able to maneuver quickly during games.

The Ugly

Professional sporting leagues and international sports councils still consider marijuana to be a banned substance. Despite arguments that using vaporizers for weed can be beneficial, no major sports federation or association seems eager to change their policies. As a result, competitive and professional athletes who use a cannabis vaporizer could find themselves being fined, suspended, or even banned from their respective games.

As vaporizers become more mainstream and more countries decriminalize and legalize smoking and vaping weed, these policies may be revisited, but as it stands now, serious athletes need to carefully consider whether or not the benefits of a pot vaporizer are worth potentially throwing away their careers.


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