A lot people are always in doubt about how to use Anavar in the right way. What are the individual cycles like and how would the stacks be better than them? The Oxandrolone hormone named as Anavar is by far the safest steroid you can ever buy. The drug is fairly mild and powerful, but has the least of side effects. It is performance enhancer that you will love if you know it well. This is also why the cycle is popular among women.

Anavar Cycles

Anavar is usually called the ‘Girl steroid’ as it works the best for women. Men can also get favored by the drug, but they would have to use it more than the women’s dosages. The demand of the drug is high as it is safe to use, but it an expensive option. People who use Anavar shell out much more money than they do with other anabolic steroids. This is also why it is usually added to a stack than consumed individually. You can run your post-cycle therapy with Anavar, lose weight and also use it for your cutting cycles. Anavar is not the right drug for bulking up, so you wouldn’t want to waste money on false hopes.

As one 10 mg pill of Anavar would cost you $2-$4, men might need to spend $20 to $40 per day on an average. This gets way too expensive and so is often added as a stack with other steroids. However, the expense comes at the cost of your safety so that is again another important aspect to tick through. There is a high demand of this drug and also higher amounts of counterfeits being sold. People have to be careful to place their order as they need to make sure that what they buy is authentic.

Anavar Cycle Dosages and Results

Men who wish to use Anavar cycle must not only do this for their cutting phases. The drug is powerful for women, but cannot help either of them bulk up. You would need to take massive doses to make Anavar help you bulk up, and that is not recommended. The drug is not going to aromatize, and you have weight put on when you would use it for lean muscle mass. This is because the hormone is pricey and it doesn’t make any sense to use the drug for this purpose. Using Anavar cycle for bulking up would make little sense to men, and that reverse is true for a well though cutting-cycle.

The drug can be wonders for preserving lean muscle tissues and improve the ability to recover. The drug increases the overall metabolic activity of the user, and for people who are already lean, the drug would create a hard look. It is best to run your post-cycle therapy with Anavar as it helps you recover from the phase. You are into mild steroids at that time and you add better health to your body.


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