Do Yoga To Feel Amazing In Your 50s and Beyond!

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Each yogi on Instagram has their distinctive style, but we find some particularly inspiring.

Meet Lorraine C. Ladish. She was born in Spain and moved to Florida back in 2004. She is also a published writer, an entrepreneur, a mother, and a wife. She loves yoga, speaks Spanish and English and is turning 53 this year.

When and how did you first discover yoga?

When I was 12. Someone gave me a copy of “Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan”. I practiced daily for a long time. Eventually, I became a runner and also a dancer, although my profession, what I get paid for, is a writer and an author. I went back to yoga during my pregnancies but then kind of forgot it until last August, before I turned 52. I was on an art retreat with my husband who was teaching a photography workshop. There was a yoga class early in the morning. I thought I would try it. One week later, a hip injury I had acquired after running a half marathon four years earlier, was alleviated. Since then I practice yoga every day, even if it’s just a short session.

How does yoga improve your life besides helping you stay in great shape?

My goodness, in so many ways! Aside from the fact that I get out of bed with no aches and pains at nearly 53, it has alleviated my menopause symptoms and also helps me sleep better. Now I also practice yoga nidra and I feel more emotionally fulfilled and balanced than ever before. It helps me focus better when I’m writing, have more patience with my kids, and keep my cool when crises arise. I am able to observe my emotions and not react to them. It’s really interesting to realize how much joy can come from all types of yoga practice, and how it all carries into daily life. That’s the most gratifying part.

How do you usually come up with ideas for your yoga photos?

I love to look at yoga photos on Instagram. I find poses I can do and that also make for a beautiful composition. I have discovered that a beautiful yoga photo is not always about a very complicated or difficult pose. It can be a simple one like Cobra pose or Half-lotus, or a close-up of a hand mudra. As long as you can see the intention and the mood in the photo, it catches my attention. I also like to take pictures of the same pose over time, like wheel, and compare them and see how much I’ve progressed.

In one of her articles on Huffington Post, Lorraine wrote that watching her father exercise when she was a child was probably what got her into fitness. Now she inspires her children to live a healthy life by practicing yoga with them.

It is easier to stick to a healthy lifestyle when you have a role model guiding you. If you don’t have one among your nearest and dearest, follow Lorraine on Instagram. And if you are past your 50s (or maybe if you are worrying about what it’s like to be in your 50s), have a look at her blog. She is writing about problems you are very likely to be thinking about.

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