So do we or do we want do anything about it? Yes we ought to do something and yes we could do something. First, why if we do anything? Why don’t you make adjustments buy into what we are told, and keep advancing ourselves remain beautiful and to remain youthful? Since it is difficult on us, we ought to do something. It is not wrong or improper to make modifications to improve ourselves, it is really great to do this; but if there is a feeling of continuous “shortage” that we inform ourselves “there is something wrong with me” then changes should happen. It is better, much better, to say “Hey, this really is how I am. This is how God made me, nevertheless, can I improve it or can I make it easier?” There are berries there and it is a lot and animals can be found by him and collect; or he can acquire creatures that are domesticated and that property can be tilled by him and make it more effective. It’s sort of like that we can opt to enhance ourselves although we adore this wildness’ beauty.
Our civilization, across the world, puts pressure also to remain beautiful, to remain young, and also to look great. Why? How does this affect us? There are a lot of explanations as to why. One, from more of an evolutionary position, is that being lovely motivates individuals to procreate. So childhood is viewed as something that’s desired, are, of course able to have kids; this helps us have procreate across the world and is natural. If we had evolved to discover folks that are older to be attractive we would not have as many infants and genes would not be passed on. Even though this might appear rather cold and scientific, it will have a very genetic aspect. It helps us maintain generations and create infants.
But maybe a far more effective force that produces what we consider beautiful and impacts us is the press. The press is telling us what is beautiful since there’s an advantage to this, and what is appealing. No businesses can earn money on selling should people love that we are and do not find a need to alter to enhance ourselves. So there is a feeling that “hey, we must make folks feel like there is a feeling that they will need to alter themselves and make themselves more beautiful so that we can earn money.” This might seem cold but it has a advantage to our civilization. It helps us produce products so that we can alter and seem “more amazing.” In a sense we can say that we’re being brain-washed. We are being brain-washed as it changes and what amazing is, so we’re continuously to enhance ourselves. We are never happy with who we are; we need to modify, when we’re young we need to look than we are and remain young. That’s what keeps the wheels turning.


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